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When he was approximately four years old, he was separated from his mother and sister and given as part of a dowry to his master's daughter, who took him to Georgetown in the District of Columbia1769 or 701 collection x Life and adventures of Robert, the hermit of Massachusetts, who has lived 14 years in a cave, secluded from human societyMonique Prince 1 The Tunnel (interlude) 10 Rain Henry Trumbull interviewed Robert Voorhis about his past and published Life and Adventures of Robert, the Hermit of Massachusetts (1829) for the purpose of satisfying widespread curiosity about himAt the time, Voorhis, who had been living in Massachusetts near the Rhode Island border for many years, was well known to local residentsHowever, they did not know his historyHe remarried in the meantime

After sneaking on a boat destined for Massachusetts, he arrived safely in New England, where he was hired to work on a ship destined for IndiaSummary Trumbull, 1829Show filters Hide filters Show Only Public Domain topic Slavery2 African Americans1 Freedmen1 Hermits1 Slaves' writings, American1 name Trumbull, Henry2 Voorhis, Robert, bThe friend then betrayed Voorhis by selling him to a slave trader, who then sold Voorhis at auction in Charleston, South Carolina8 What's Wrong?

Trumbull describes Voorhis's personality, dwelling, and typical activities in detail before and after the narrative, which he claims is essentially in Voorhis's own words5 I Gotcha Copyright 2004 by the University Library, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, all rights reserved Copyright / Usage Statement URL: Last updated July 04, 2017 9 Rain (interlude) He was then sold to a plantation owner and worked for him for several monthsTaken from his own mouth, and published for his benefit place United States2 Massachusetts1 genre Woodcuts1 publisher Printed for H.7 Crazy Upon hearing this news, he decided to become a recluseCollection History This digital compilation was developed in support of the NYPL website, "The African American Migration Experience," a sweeping 500-year historical narrative from the transatlantic slave trade to the Western migration, the colonization movement, the Great Migration, and the contemporary immigration of Caribbeans, Haitians, and sub-Saharan Africans6 Crazy (interlude)

12 The Day That I Die 11 Touch Me Tease Me To satisfy this condition, Voorhis worked out an arrangement with a trusted white friend who agreed to purchase him and allow him to work off his debtDocument menuBefore leaving with his new owner, Voorhis snuck onto a boat bound for Philadelphia in an unsuccessful attempt to escape4 Call a Cab (interlude) . 48a4f088c3

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